About a Beautiful Mess

These are stories about family, life, working, surviving and figuring out this thing called parenthood. Hopefully, they are funny, real and raw. They are not chronological or linear and often have no resolution. They are not intended to be judgmental or to promote any specific agenda. The hope and vision is that my blog sparks conversation and comment and that they offer a different, unedited perspective. This is simply my creative outlet.


I am a crime fighter by day and mom to three Incredibles ages four and under. Yes, the math gets a little tricky on that one. My husband saves people from burning buildings and is a stay at home dad in his “off” time. Our family lives on a small property in rural Oregon that we are renovating to be a small family farm.

Header photo by Corey Borgman. See more of her photography at www.cborgman.com and like her on Facebook at C. Borgman Photography.

4 thoughts on “About a Beautiful Mess

  1. Hi,
    My name is Sarah and I worked with your wonderful husband the other day. I just wanted to share with you how much I love your Blog. I have been on the job for about 12 years and am also married to a firefighter. We have two beautiful kids, our son Chase who is 4 and daughter Zoey who turns 2 this week.

    I really enjoyed working with David the other day. My husband and I actually grew up together on the other side of Outlook. Kind of a random coincidence. It makes me laugh, how small of a world it is.

    Anyway I just wanted to thank David for sharing your blog with me, I look forward to following you and brighting my day with your crazy stories. It is nice to know there are other hard working moms out there that struggle with going to work and leaving their children. Last night my son begged me not to work today. So I told him I would tell the “Boss man” I wasn’t coming in next shift.. My son thought that was great. Little does he know it is my Kelly Day next shift, so I am off anyway.. I just love to see his eyes light up when he thinks I’m telling the boss man off. It’s pretty fun.

    Well, hope you have a great night. I am praying we sleep tonight and aren’t up for any BS calls. It’s seems work is the only place I have a shot at getting a full night sleep. We just got a puppy and I swear he sleeps better than the kids.

    Have a Quiet Night,
    Sarah Borden

    • Sarah-
      Welcome! And thank you for reading and commenting!

      David told me all about you and I look forward to meeting you and your family. It is a small world! We will have to plan to get together soon.

      Ha! I love your story about “the boss man”! Wish I could do the same. We always look forward to David’s Kelly Day (which happens to be his next shift too!).

      I really admire what you do. Daddy is a pretty big hero around here for being a firefighter. It is not as easy to explain what a lawyer is and definitely not as exciting. But sometimes the kids think I am a firefighter and I don’t always correct them because it is fun to have them think I’m pretty cool too! 🙂

      Good luck avoiding BS calls! Wishing you a good night’s sleep!

  2. Your blog is extremely entertaining! I stumbled upon it while searching for other parent blogs on Google. Keep up the good work, and watch out for boogers.

    • Thank you Peter for stopping by. I checked out your blog and was excited to see a stay at home dad blog! I really enjoyed it. I am going to show it to my husband for inspiration! I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it wouldn’t let me. 😦 Sorry.

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