My List

Endless laundry

Broken dishes

Always buying only one flavor to prevent fights


Realizing that bloody noses and accidents only happen two minutes before you leave for work

Dirty feet


Never getting dressed for work before the kids have eaten breakfast



Cooking bacon when you can’t stand the smell, look or feel of bacon


Never cutting things in half


Always reading the quantities on the side of boxes and only buying in multiples of three, then hiding any excess to prevent fights

Screaming when it is soap time during bath

Yelling then wishing you hadn’t

Giving in then wishing you hadn’t

“Poopy head” talk

Accepting that it doesn’t matter who you are your kids will pick their noses and eat their boogers… and like it

Celebrating the day when I get to work on time

Celebrating the day I get to bed on time

Doing anything to prevent fights

Getting off shift to go on shift

The three kid alarm clock on Saturday morning

Cartoons when I can’t hack it… stories when I can

Kissing three little heads asleep on their pillows