Snow Day

I remember as a child awaking up to find my little world covered in a crystal blanket of snow. I remember that intense quiet that seemed to settle over the morning. I remember that flutter of excitement when school was cancelled and I was gifted that free day of burning rosy cheeks, wet socks and cocoa. A whole day to pretend, build snow forts and to come into the heat and foggy windows of the house.

“It’s wake up time!” My son shouts as he pushes open the door to our room at 6:00 am. He pulls himself up onto the bed and snuggles in next to me in his fleece footie pajamas. I pull the down comforter in around us.

“I have som-ping to tell daddy.” He says with his nose pressed against my neck.

“What do you want to tell daddy?” I whisper and kiss his hot little cheek. “Daddy is sleeping Bubba.”

“It’s a snow day!” He exclaims at full volume.

“It is? Did you see snow outside?’ I ask in an excited whisper, feeling that old familiar flutter of anticipation and that feeling of hope creep over me.

“Yes! It’s wake up time!” He says pressing further into me.

The yard is covered, the trees are hanging heavily with snow and the strawberries we planted last weekend are now hibernating under a thick, down blanket. The kids have slipped their rubber boots on over their footie pajamas too excited to put on their clothes. Their hats sag over their little heads covering their ears. I watch from the window as they stomp through the snow singing happily as their noses turn the color of cherry tomatoes.

My husband shakes the snow off his shoulders as he comes in with an arm load of wood. The fire crackles as the bite in the air starts to melt away. The tea-pot is on for hot cocoa. I curl my legs under me on the couch. I watch as the snow drips from the trees and becomes pock-marked with imprints of little boots.

I plan a day of snowmen, damp clothes by the fire, stories, cuddles and sleepy naps. I take a sip of coffee and listen to the giggles coming from outside.

“Do you want me to set that hearing for you at 1:00?…. Stacey?… Stacey?”

I turn from watching the snow fall silently outside my window. My secretary is standing next to my desk. “Oh… um… yes, 1:00 works. Sorry, I was just daydreaming of a snow day…”

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