Is Kelley Day Divorced?

Sadly, the number one search term for my blog is “Is Kelley Day divorced?” or alternately “kelley day divorced”. I think this is because one of my posts is entitled and refers to a firefighter’s kelly day. Can anyone tell me who is Kelley Day? Is s/he divorced? If you have come across this blog as a result of entering the above search terms please leave a comment and tell me who this is and why you are searching for this information. Inquiring minds want to know. Near as I can tell she may be a Portland news caster but I am curious to know why so many people are interested in whether or not she is divorced. Or maybe it is a different Kelley Day…?

9 thoughts on “Is Kelley Day Divorced?

    • Kelley Day is a gorgeous pdx newscaster that used to wear a wedding ring, but no longer does. I assume that’s the reason for the search.

      • :) Thank you for clarifying! You would not believe how many people get to my blog looking for that information! Some wishful thinkers in Portlandia!

    • I don’t undertstand why people are having a problem with new signs on I-5. we are reading them them as we are driving
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  1. Kelley day had one of the oddest news deliveries I ever heard. She
    Has no sincerity in her voice. Maybe a good cheerleading voice.

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  3. I have only watched KOIN news a couple of times briefly since Bruce Sussman and Chad Carter were axed out of their jobs. I was not thrilled with Kelley Day but am curious to where she ended up. No more KOIN for me ever!

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